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"After having my pets cared for by Dr. Price in Houston, DFW area, and now Abilene, I have to say she offers the Best Pet Care Anywhere!"

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How to Keep Dogs Cool During the Summer in Abilene, Texas

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If you live in Abilene, Texas, you know the summer months can be hot. Click here to learn about how to keep dogs cool when it is hot outside.

During summer, temperatures in Abilene can go well over 100°F. A dog may suffer a heatstroke at 103°F.

Abilene summer temperatures can get HOT, above heat stroke level. Also, the heat can get very uncomfortable for the dog.

Heat causes more significant discomfort in dogs than in many other pets. This is because a dog's sweat glands are not as functional as in other animals.

Lower function sweat glands mean less sweating. Less sweating means that a dog's body has fewer options to cool itself. Your knowledge of how to keep dogs cool helps your dog enjoy comfort during the summer heat.

The following are some ways you can help your dog keep cool in Abilene this summer.

How to keep dogs cool

Keep the Dog Indoors

Like many people in Abilene, you probably have air conditioning in your house. Letting your dog cool off the same way you do is one of the less complicated ways to help.

The dog can stay near the air conditioning unit as it relaxes with you at home.

Your dog needs exercise, and it’s not possible for you to keep it indoors all summer. A balance between exercise and summer rest should be on your mind as you plan your dog's summer excursions.

You can achieve this balance by checking weather reports. Keep the dog indoors during those particularly hot days and walk it on colder days.

You can also keep the dog indoors at the hottest times of the day, such as at midday. Plan walks for early mornings and evenings.

Keep the Dog out of the Doghouse

The circulation you have provided for your doghouse may not be enough in summer. The low flow of air causes the dog to experience more heat.

You should try to keep the dog in open spaces. Make sure there is plenty of shade in these open spaces. To get the dog to free space, you don’t need to go further than your yard.

The yard is particularly suitable if there are trees in it. If you don’t have trees in the yard, you can install a sunshade.

It’s advisable to get a portable sunshade even when there are trees in the yard. The canopy helps when the direction of the sun casts tree shadows away. If for a time you aren’t in a position to protect your dog in this manner, you can get it to a climate controlled facility.

Provide a Cool Spot

When it’s hot, dogs look for the coolest place they can find to rest. Sometimes, they will lay down on a tiled bathroom floor or kitchen floor. You can buy a pet pod and use it both indoors and outdoors.

Some experts have been working to find out how to keep dogs cool and have made kitted cold spots. These devices are available for sale in the market.

Give your Dog Water

Drinking water is a great way to help your dog cool down. Make sure you provide as much fresh drinking water for your dog as possible.

Position the watering point near a shade where the dog is resting. Positioning the water prevents the dog from having to walk long distances to drink.

There are several ways available for watering dogs. Other than providing water in a bucket, you can connect an automatic waterer to your garden hose. With it in place, a dog can get water fresh from the tap immediately it gets thirsty.

Some automatic waterers are lick activated while others are paw activated.

Besides drinking water, you should consider giving your dog water to play. You can do this by getting a metallic container, filling it with water, and putting some of your dog's toys in it. Having the toys in there encourages your dog to play in the water, thus cooling it off.

Don't Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

There are many news items in the media about pets left in parked cars dying from heatstroke. When the temperature is 80°F outside, it can go up to 131°F in a car parked under direct sunlight!

Heatstroke in dogs happens at 103°F – 106°F. An average summer day in Abilene can have heatstroke level temperatures in a parked car.

Opening your car windows doesn't help. Temperatures still escalate fast even when you open the windows. Leaving your dog in a car in this heat can lead to untreatable organ damage or even death.

How to Keep Dogs Cool during Walks

Other than walking your dog early in the mornings and in evenings, you should avoid the pavements.

During hot summer days, pavements can reach temperatures of up to 180°F. That temperature is warm enough to burn your dog's feet. To avoid this, you may want to walk your dog at a park with grass.

If your usual dog excursion route is bare, alter it during summer and use a shady path instead.

Using a cloth collar instead of a heavy leather will make your dog more comfortable during walks.

Dogs cool their bodies by panting. Muzzling your dog’s mouth makes it impossible for it to pant so you shouldn’t do that.

If you run during these excursions, your dog will run only to impress you; walk instead! Running will only strain the dog further and hasten the chances of a heat stroke.

Make sure you carry water for the dog during your summer walks.

Symptoms of Heatstroke

Your caution may fail to protect your dog. In such an instance, you need to know the signs of heatstroke. That knowledge is your dog's last line of defense.

If your dog is panting and salivating too much, it could be suffering from a heat stroke. You may also find your dog too uncomfortable during hot days. Diarrhea, vomiting, and seizures are some of the other symptoms. 

If you see any of these symptoms in your dog, cool it off immediately. Give it cold water to drink or put it on ice and call a vet directly. Take water or ice for it to use along the way if you have to take it to a vet.

If you’re a dog lover, you should definitely learn how to keep dogs cool and other related activities such as grooming. Click here to learn more about our outstanding grooming services.