A State-Of-The-Art Veterinary Hospital Needs a Backup Power Plan!

If you are already a Windmill Animal Hospital client, please rest assured that if Abilene gets a power outage during a thunderstorm or an ice storm. your pets will be kept safe and comfortable. Like a state-of-the-art human hospital, Windmill Animal Hospital has a backup generator.

Our 30Kw Backup Generator automatically starts, and powers critical circuits in our hospital when Mother Nature knocks out the power to other vet clinics. Then, when the grid power is available again, the system automatically puts the hospital back on the grid, lets the generator cool down, then shuts down the generator, waiting for the next power outage!

The Bottom Line: If your pet is boarding, or even more important, having surgery, and the power goes out for any length of time, your pet will remain safe and comfortable at Windmill Animal Hospital.

This is just another reason why WIndmill Animal Hospital is able to offer:
"Outstanding Pet Care!"

Auto-Transfer Box
The Auto-Transfer Box monitors grid voltage and frequency. If grid voltage or frequency goes out
of range, the Auto-Transfer Box automatically starts the generator and transfers the hospital to the
generator. When grid voltage and frequency return to normal, the Auto-Transfer box automatically
returns the hospital to the grid, lets the generator cool down, then shuts down the generator and
waits for the next power outage.


Emergency Backup Generator
Windmill Animal Hospital's 30Kw Backup power plant (generator), standing ready to keep your pet safe
and comfortable when Abilene's power goes out! Our generator can operate for several days
of continual blackout.

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