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Delicious Grass Fed Beef
Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef

Dr. Price is President of the American Criollo Beef Association, the only place you can purchase delicious Certified Criollo Grassfed Beef for you and your family. This website tells you all about the mouth-watering taste and health benefits of Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef...grown right here in Big Country! www.LeanAndTenderBeef.com


Criollo Cattle
Dr. Price's Criollo Cattle site

Here is a link to Dr. Price's Criollo Cattle site. (JANDAL Criollos) These registered animals are the foundation seedstock of the AMerican Criollo Beef Association. www.JandalCriollos.com

Norwegian Elkhounds
Dr. Price's Norwegian Elkhound site

Here is a link to Dr. Price's Norwegian Elkhounds (JANDAL Norwegian Elkhounds. Dr. Price has been raising and showing these beautiful dogs since 1978.) www.JandalElkhounds.com


German Shorthaired Pointers
Dr. Price's German Shorthaired Pointer site

Here is a link to Dr. Price's German Shorthaired Pointers (JANDAL German Shorthaired Pointers. Dr. Price has been raising and showing, hunting and field trialing these beautiful dogs since 1998.) www.JandalGSPs.com

Apex Coding: Portfolio Page

This is the site for the company that designed our web site...Highly recommended! www.ApexCoding.com

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