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-- Martha B , Abilene, TX
"I just don't know what I did without Windmill Animal Hospital, they are my one stop shop now! All of the services are outstanding! You guys are the best!!!"
-- Carly B. , Abilene, TX
"I was so happy with the experience I had at Windmill Animal Hospital. I felt like everyone there really cared for my feelings and the well-being of my cat Smokie. He is doing great and I have a lot of confidence in this place. I will strongly recommend to all my friends and family to go here! They really care for the animals! Very, very pleased!"
-- Marilou J. , Abilene, TX
"Windmill continues to provide the most outstanding veterinary services I have ever experienced. I recommend them to all my friends. They go out of their way to make sure you and your animal(s) are taken care of and I like how you are provided an estimate and options ahead of time."
-- Kaylene G. , Abilene, TX
"Dr. Price is a God send - very helpful, very caring, been there several times and it has been fantastic every time"
-- Michelle B. , Abilene, TX
"This is my second experience with Windmill, and my second time leaving with a feeling of comfort. My Lab decided that Miracle Grow "Organic Plant Food" was delicious, and ate some, we brought her in to see Dr. Price & Dr. Barnhart, and they took extremely good care of her, shes doing great, and getting back to her old self again! GREAT experience with Windmill Animal Hospital!"
-- Pete G. , Abilene, TX
"The staff at windmill animal hospital was very curtious. They treated Kate and i very well. It was the most pleasant experience that i have had at an animal hospital."
-- Kyle A. , Ovalo, TX
"We use Windmill for our vet, grooming and boarding needs. They are wonderful. We've had so many bad experiences and it is so nice to finally have all our needs met under one roof. And it smells good too!"
-- Kim P. , Abilene, TX
"As always, the staff and Doctors of Windmill Animal Hospital are amazing! They are a kind, caring group of people I am proud to also call friends as well as "The Best Pet Care Anywhere!" "
-- Mark J. (Survey Review)
"I just walked in to purchase Trifexus. I was greeted kindly and the desk clerk made sure I got rebate forms and understood how to use them. "
-- Susan T. (Survey Review)
"The Staff were caring and worked with me and my cat Bubba. Dr Price showed compassion and when my desicion, to have him not suffer with his Kidney failure. thank you all for being so sincere "
-- Velma B. (Survey Review)
"Amy always does an excellent job with Pumpkin and the ladies in the front are always nice and welcoming when checking us in. Pumpkin loves all these ladies. "
-- Marina M. (Survey Review)
"Love this place because it's CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. ALL the staff are friendly and helpful. I know that my dog, Molly is going to be treated just like I would treat her at home when she stays there. The dog run area is clean with nice green grass and bye dog that are out there are always having fun and being played with. Keep it up windmill! "
-- Kaleigh H. (Survey Review)
"So impressed with everyone and thing I encountered at the clinic. dr. Price had been highly recommended to me and I was quite pleased with Ditto 's and my visit. Plan to reccomend friends . AND IT SMELLS GOOD TOO!!!! "
-- Ann Etta D. (Survey Review)
"My two pups are always very excited when they get to Windmill, and when I pick them up they are happy, clean, and well taken care of. I never have to worry about them when they are boarded. "
-- Kristen J. (Survey Review)
"I really enjoyed our visit, Dr. Price was extremely thorough, she made sure Billy got every test he needed, and I love, that the results only took a few minutes. And Drs., and staff call to check on how your dogs are doing after the visit, just wonderful service! "
-- Suzette B. (Survey Review)
"Love all of the staff!!! They treat my Bella like a princess. "
-- Kim P. (Survey Review)
"Everybody is so welcoming and helpful. I recieved updates on my puppy while she was getting spayed so I didn't have to worry. It's the best place in town! "
-- Samantha W. (Survey Review)
"pre-visit was very pleasant and we were very well informed about the procedures,etc.The surgery went well,sp far,so good.Shuler is eating today and feeling some better. "
-- Gene D. (Survey Review)
"Excellent service overall. Vet provided very specific, detailed information and answered all my questions/concerns. "
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"As always we received wonderful treatment. Beretta had surgery yesterday and is doing fantastic! Such great people! "
-- Mark J. (Survey Review)
"I always enjoy the care we receive at Windmill Animal Hospital. Dr. Price, Dr. Barnhart and Staff are always kind, courteous, and very professional. I am always kept informed of the procedures and fees. I cannot say enough good things about these people! Highly recommend! "
-- Mark J. (Survey Review)
"Everyone at Windmill is so friendly! They are so nice & take such good care of our puppy! "
-- Lynn R. (Survey Review)
"everyone was incredibly friendly, great with both dogs and very knowledgeable. "
-- John F. (Survey Review)
"Bubba is doing great "
-- Ronda A. (Survey Review)
"Outstanding service. Thank you for a great experience for Pixie."
-- Sonyia L. (Survey Review)
"Very competent staff. Took very good care of our puppy while she had her surgery. Would highly recommend them for anyone needing quality pet care. "
-- Scott M. (Survey Review)
"Can never thank everyone at Windmill for saving my little Penelope girl! "
-- Tracy S. (Survey Review)
"I really enjoyed my experience with Windmill hospital and feel like Oliver did as well! Thank-you all for the wonderful care. "
-- Peggy C. (Survey Review)
"Cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to the wonderfully awesome Dr. Price!!!!! She saved my sweet baby Penelope!! She was kind enough to stay late to do emergency surgery and i am pretty sure that she is the reason Penelope is still with us today! Every person that works for Windmill deserves a big gold star in my opinion! The staff always loves on Penelope and I am never nervous about leaving her with them! Once again thank you to Dr. Price and Dr. Barnhart for taking such good care of my girl! A Forever Customer! Tracy Slack "
-- Tracy S. (Survey Review)
"Dr. Price took very good care of Aries. Was able to get him into surgery that day and did a wonderful job with his surgery. Very informative on aftercare. "
-- Alison D. (Survey Review)
" Love it! Great staff, very patient in giving a tour. Most importantly, my dog was happy after check up, groom and board!!! Took her for 10 year check up and was very pleased with the entire process. Thank you! "
-- Christy K. (Survey Review)
"Amazingly attentive. Catered to both the patient and the patient's mom!!"
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"As being in the veterinary atmosphere for over 10 years, I know what a good vet is and Dr. Price is fabulous. She is very detailed and answers any questions you may have . Our Raider is in the best hands. Does it cost more, yes, but for my husband and I we will pay for excellent care, and our furbabies are in excellent hands! Thanks! "
-- Kim and Joey B.Brooke W. (Survey Review)
"Penelope was very relaxed and at ease when we got home from her surgery. I just love Dr Barnhart and Ruthie taking care of my baby. Kim is always a sweetheart when we check in. I highly recommend Windmill to my friends and family! Thanks for being awesome! "
-- Tracy S. (Survey Review)
"was a great visit"
-- Garry D. (Survey Review)
"I have never run across a more caring and highly talented group of people as I have found at Windmill Vet! They treat Beretta with the greatest of care and love. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!"
-- Mark J. (Survey Review)
"Everyone at windmill is always so kind and helpful!"
-- Brooke W. (Survey Review)
"I'm so grateful Dr Price was confident to take the risk to perform an unknown surgery and saved my furry baby's life! I'll forever be grateful!!!"
-- Nancy S. (Survey Review)
"I just moved here from Dallas and needed to find a new vet for my Shiba Meiko. I had an awesome vet back home that had great prices and a great staff so I expected the same! THIS IS THE BEST DECISION I MADE coming to windmill animal hospital. They all are very friendly, the doctor is a very nice lady who actually speaks to you when she comes in and leaves and their prices are reasonable. They helped me take care of everything needed!! I'm glad I found a new vet for Meiko, with a staff who treats their clients with so much respect."
-- Samantha P. (Survey Review)
"I believe this is going to be a great place for our pet care. Very caring staff. They even call to check up on the sick ones. It is true--it does smell good too"
-- Mindy M. (Survey Review)
"Great and caring staff. I know my animals will be WELL taken care of."
-- Mindy M. (Survey Review)
"Recently I brought mine and my husband's boys to stay in your hospital over night since I had a doctors appointment in Dallas. We can't begin to tell you all who took care of our Chihuahua's Little Dog and Gus how very much we appreciated the attention and care that you all gave both of them. We couldn't have children, so these are our children, our boys. Thank you so very much for realizing what they mean to us, and how very much we worry about them when we are gone. The texting was Awesome to find out how they were doing. I must say that the way I was treated the day before, and then was made an appointment to bring the boys in to see the place, and to get to know everyone was the most personable experience I have ever had at any veterinarian hospital. The girls up front made me feel so special, and really seemed to know how important it was to me that our boys be treated with lots of love, and they were taken to potty as often as I asked, and the water was used that I brought because they put it back in the carry case I had brought with me. That was so much appreciated, it just shows your hearts are in the right places for these little guys and for their parents as well. Amy took her time showing me the place and explaining everything in detail, and her gentle kind ways were so much appreciated. Please never change your policies or your caring ways, and you all will become the best veterinarian hospital any where around. God Bless You All for taking such good care of our boys. We will definitely be back because of the care and the professionalism, and love you all have to give. And also it really does smell good too! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts to you all. "
-- Connie & John S. (Personal Card)
"You guys always treat Inky as the little miracle kitten that she is. We totally appreciate that."
-- Bonnie T. (Survey Review)
"Friendly, professional, competent and caring staff and doctor that are willing to take the time to explain treatments and options for preventive health care. Modern and clean facility, grounds and equipment. My wife and I have felt very comfortable trusting Windmill Animal Hospital with the care of our newest canine family member. Jake actually likes to go to the vet's!"
-- Mike C. (Survey Review)
"I was impressed right away with the great customer service on the phone and when I arrived for our first visit. The facility is beautiful & clean. The staff acknowledged me as soon as I walked in. From the front desk to the tech and Vet, this team has it right! The care my dog received was outstanding. They took great care of her and I felt comfortable leaving her with Windmill Animal Hospital."
-- Robin M. (Survey Review)
"Perfect as usual...the only vet hospital I do not dread coming to!"
-- Lloyd M. (Survey Review)
"Very friendly and helpful staff that know what they are doing."
-- Janie L. (Survey Review)
"Staff are always nice to our pet and us. They are patience in their explanation to new pet owners. Dr. Price is excellent on what she does, incision on puppy spayed looks clean and well done.Excellent care at Windmill Animal Hospital!"
-- Miles H. (Survey Review)
"Thank you so much for the AWESOME JOB AMY did grooming BUDDY!!! :):) He looks great, I want to thank all of the staff for being sweet & kind to me each time I call too. I also know that you truly care about the animals so THANKS AGAIN"
-- Karen B. (Facebook)
"Dr. Price really takes the time to explain all of the options and put you at ease. The rest of the staff is great too!"
-- Lindsay S. (Survey Review)
"My little dog Rio is recovering from major surgery at Windmill Animal Hospital under Dr. Price's watchful eye. I want to thank all Employees that have a hand in his recovery. Rio is getting top notch attention,He will be home soon . I get an update every day on his condition which eases my anxiety. Thank you all so very much at Windmill."
-- Barbara D. (Facebook)
"Professional and informative staff. Extremely pleasant experience..."
-- Phil F. (Survey Review)
"Wonderful staff & doctor! Thank you for a clean and enjoyable vet experience!"
-- Charlotte L. (Survey Review)
"Bella got her staples out today, and her tummy looks great! Thank you again Dr. Janice and staff! We have a happy mama and babies!"
-- Brenda K. (Facebook)
"My parents dog Shadow, a very overweight but equally precious dachshund, is doing so much better since his visit to Windmill Animal Hospital. Dad was pretty nervous about taking him cause Shadow is his baby ...but he was due his vaccines so it was a necessity. Come to find out no need to fear he's not suffering from any disease other than maybe just being "a little" overly spoiled. The staff and doctors there so great. If you live in Abilene and have animals there is no other place you should take them for their vet care. :)"
-- Staci C. (Facebook)
"Exceptional care and consideration! Thorough beyond measure! Humans can only dream that our medical doctors would take a page from Windmill Veterinary's "playbook" for dedication to detail and bedside manner."
-- Kandice M. (Survey Review)
"I was very impressed with the staff at Windmill. I just started using them and had only had one visit to get my dog her shots. Then our precious baby girl got pregnant and I can't say enough about how the staff and doctors were extremely helpful through the entire process. Including me calling several times just to ask questions. And then the day came for birth. Being new at this I called several times and ended up having to have an emergency c-section for her. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring and made us feel comfortable going through the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
-- Brenda K. (Survey Review)
"Wonderful experience! "
-- Robin and Larry C. (Survey Review)
"We love Dr. Price and her staff. They took such good care of Sophie and provided vital info regarding her ongoing care."
-- Tammie T. (Survey Review)
" The staff and Doctors of Windmill Animal Hospital are the best! I would not consider taking my dog anywhere else! Highly recommend the entire gang!"
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"My dog gets super excited everytime we go to the vet! Very helpful and friendly staff! Very convienent. I would not take my dog anywhere else."
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"My Basset Hounds had a good experience staying with Windmill. I tell everyone who asks how wonderful the vets are. The facilities are state of the art and I know Scarlett and Beau get A-one treatment when we leave them there. Everyone associated with Windmill is so nice and caring."
-- Lynette B. (Survey Review)
"Absolutly Outstanding Service and Care!"
-- Mark D. (Survey Review)
"The staff at Windmill are always extremely friendly and professional. It is easy to see that they all love animals and want the best for your pets. I would highly recommend Windmill."
-- Tonia G. (Survey Review)
"We took our small poodle mix, Squirt, today, April 4, 2013, for the first time to the Windmill Animal Hospital for a lst time exam. Squirt is 2 1/2 yrs old and we switched to this hospital and we are so glad we did! We saw their TV advertisemen and the entire staff looked friendly and the entire staff looked to be friendly & a caring group which was proven to be true today at our visit. The hospital was so clean and yes, it 'smelled good' as the TV ad pointed out. The staff were very professional and they made us feel as a part of the Windmill Animal Hospital family. We highly recommend this hospital. Thank you! "
-- Judy C. (Survey Review)
"The ladies were great as always. I know my pets are in good hands with them."
-- Sofia A. (Survey Review)
"The staff is great! Always polite. I felt comfortable knowing Remy was left in such caring hands. They explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. I recommend Windmill to my friends w/ an animal family. "
-- Alexa C. (Survey Review)
"Great service! Very organized."
-- Chad C. (Survey Review)
"I admit the prices aren't very competitive but the facility is always extremely clean, never smells like a pound and is top of the line. The vets are extremely helpful and willing to educate their clients. The techs are very friendly and knowledgable. As far as prices they don't blind side you with them and my estimates have always been fairly accurate. The clinic also provides military discounts, which helps. The front office staff has always been courteous and helpful. The only criticism that I could possibly say is that one of the front staff appears to be afraid of certain breeds because of a past experience, I respect that but if this makes her uncomfortable enough to express herself as that then she needs to address it with staff and not clients. However I wouldn't trust another vet in town with my pets over windmill. They truly are the best. Worth every penny and all my praise and recommendations. "
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"I have never reviewed any business but this establishment deserves the effort. The staff are so friendly and attentive to your pet. I have a huge Alaskan Malamute and barks at every dog so they hurried me thorugh and gave us a treatment room. Super clean and humanized for your pet. Their latest technology with surgery will ensure your pet is safe and has a speedy recovery. Definetly will continue to be a patron at this clinic. Well Done Windmill Animal Hospital! "
-- Monika L. (Survey Review)
"A good veterinarian is priceless! Thank you Dr. Price and everyone at Windmill Animal Hospital for being so wonderful to our new addition, today! Tux is very appreciative of his exam and vaccinations! :)"
-- Karen D. (Facebook)
"Everyone seems to really love animals and that's very important to me. My dogs are like my kids and I think Windmill gets that."
-- Sharon S. (Survey Review)
"I felt that you all have Roscoe's best interest at heart, the office personnel very friendly and though I had a late appointment that went over...probably from me running my mouth....I didn't feel rushed to leave.....I really hope that you are able to find the cause for his limp and feel that you are doing all that you can for him....crossing my fingers that the "cold lazer" treatment aide in a quick recovery for him.....thank you for all that you are doing for him "
-- Barbara O. (Survey Review)
"ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! Love all the Staff & Doctors! "
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"Fantastic staff, excellent care. After our move to this area from DFW, they went above and beyond to make us comfortable. "
-- Laura M. (Survey Review)
"I just want to thank Windmill Animal Hospital for taking care of Shelby Brannon. She acts like a puppy again at the age of 10 years old thanks to the program that put her on to help her spine pain. Ya'll are awesome."
-- Brenda B. (Facebook)
"Love that I can drop my dog off and pick him up after work. You're located in a great spot!"
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"Thank you and may God Bless each of for the exceptional care you gave Oscar Cat We brougt him in in acute resp failure and you had never seen him before but you did not hesitate to start care on him Eventhough the decision to put him to sleep was mine, the support given by all of the staff was above and beyound he is not suffering now I was the first person he saw when he opened his eye as a baby and last he saw May God bless Dr. Price,Linda,Ruthie,and Robi I love animals so much and will miss him Your Hospital is as advertized clean and odor free tell the young man you all always thump on the head he is right In Gods Love - Mary W"
-- Mary W. (Facebook)
"Dr Price is fabulous, she is very thorough and hands on. Never once did I feel our appt was rushed, even with how busy it was. Raider had several procedures done, and we couldn't entrust anyone else with his care then the staff here. They are great, caring,and on top of it. Super impressed that I have finally found a practice in this town worthy of handling my pets care."
-- Kim B. (Survey Review)
"We are always pleased with Windmill. The people are so kind and loving to all of us. I am always impressed with their attention to details and involvement with new and improved treatment. They are always concerned for the patient first. This is a great example of how every one of us should treat people and animals alike. We are ALL God's creation!! Thank you Windmill!! We love you guys"
-- Dawnette R. (Survey Review)
"I appreciate the time and effort that was put into my pet. Dr. Price went out of her way to contact another vet for assistance. She was very comforting to me. "
-- Linda W. (Survey Review)
"We felt very comfortable taking our little Mini kitty to have her surgery at this office. The facility is CLEAN, technologically above any other vet clinic in Abilene, and the staff are just WONDERFUL, very caring, very professional. We have found our new vet clinic for all of our four legged babies!!! We would recommend this facility in a heart best. In fact, we already have. "
-- Jackie J. (Survey Review)
"I was highly impressed with Windmill Animal Hospital on our first trip. Our Golden Retriever had scratched her eye rough housing with our Danes so I called and made an appointment for a Friday. Well come Wednesday I didn't feel she could wait any longer so I called to see about moving the appointment up and they squeezed us in even though they were booked. We were in and out in an hour, WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT! They were so kind and gentle with Kisses. They won me over! We will definitely be going back! Thank you WAH! "
-- Samantha T. (Survey Review)
"Excellent service as always. I just love this place and so does my dog."
-- Jim F. (Survey Review)
"We are very pleased with the care Maddy receives at the Windmill Animal Hospital. Dr. Price and all her staff are very professional and compassionate. You can tell they really care about their patients. We would definitely recommend the Windmill Animal Hospital to anyone who wants the best for their pet. Thank you all for taking such good care of our baby!!"
-- James J. (Survey Review)
"Radier had to have a blood test and I had a dentist appointment so they let Radier stay with them until I got my appointment finished. Thanks for doing that. "
-- Jan S. (Survey Review)
"Great experience -- loved how Dr. Price took time to explain everything!"
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"Thank you thank you thank you for the excellent care you provide our Samson! Thanks for working him in this morning and checking him so thoroughly and reassuring us! The Plunkett family appreciates you all :)"
-- Sarah P. (Facebook)
"Thank you so much for taking care of Beretta! You are all a joy to see and talk to!"
-- Mark and Susan J. (Survey Review)
"The staff is really nice, welcoming and greet my pet and I with smiles.The vet is welcoming as well and is helpful with any concerns or questions I have. I will continue to bring my pet here."
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"All went well; everyone is well organized. Pricing is comparable to all other quality vet clinics. They treated my dog like he was theirs. All the staff are friendly and happy. Will return."
-- Mary P. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)
"Wonderful group of people! You can't find better care anywhere!"
-- Anonymous (Survey Review)
"The best examination my dog has had."
-- Bill & Ima S. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)
"I love the staff and they always take great care of my dog Bella! "
-- Kim P. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)
"I very much appreciate the care taken with my animals and the level of expertise of everyone involved. Very friendly and enjoyable."
-- Kandice M. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)
"I felt our dogs were left in good hands for boarding. Every request for care was done when we picked up dogs. A good explanation and reasons for recommended follow-up care for Biz (13 1/2 yrs. old) was given. I felt the care and treatment of the both dogs was the primary concern, and the staff was very kind to animals and customer friendly!! "
-- Kitten & Richard A. , Abilene, TX (Website Comment/Review)
"This is the best vet in Abilene! I have tried countless other veterinary clinics and Windmill out-does them all. They value my pet and my experience more than my money, and they are always showing care and compassion to both my dog and me. They even call after every appointment, just to check-up and make sure we're doing okay! AMAZING service and incredible people!"
-- Kelly S. , Abilene, TX (Website Comment/Review)
"It was a great experience as always!!"
-- Chad C. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)
"Morkie And I enjoyed our first visit to Windmill, recently. The staff was very welcoming and really care about their customers! We'll be back! ;- ) "
-- Rick V. , Abilene, TX (Survey Review)

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