"Dear Santa!"

Our fourth televison commerical is our first specific holiday themed commercial!

We wanted to celebrate Christmas, and tie in a puppy m Santa, and the entire Windmill Staff. Dr. Price's husband Dale, designed the 30 second commercial. The "puppy" writes a letter to Santa telling him how the staff at Windmill Animal Hospital brought him back to health. "Puppy" also tells Santa that the place smells good too!. Santa decides to check it out, and visits Windmill Animal Hospital (arriving through the chimney, of course!) Santa decides that it DOES smell good! We again wanted a commercial that is fun to watch, yet reminds everyone of the Windmill brand of veterinary care.

Dale Robertson, who just happened to be Windmill's first client, continues to be our "actor" for our commercials. Dale has turned into somewhat of a local celebrity with his humorous renditions of "And it smells good too"! Dale's 6 year old son, David, is the voice of "Puppy". He read his lines like a seasoned professional!

The commercial is photographed and edited by Walter and Amy Wiggins of Green Turtle Photography. Thank you Amy and Walter for your patience!

Thank you Dale and David for your generous assistance with our fourth commercial! Dale and his wife Jill are personal trainers, and own and operate Quantum Excellence Training here in Abilene. They are highly recommended!

David Robertson

David R. delivering his lines as "Puppy"

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