"Doggie Breath!"

Our third televison commerical was actually thought out at a beautiful wedding reception (which had NOTHING to do with bad breath!). Funny how creative thoughts find their way at the most inappropriate times!

Proper veterinary dental care is so important to the long term health of your pets. We wanted to do a commercial that was fun to watch, yet touched on the subject of veterinary dentistry.

Dale and Jill Robertson, who just happened to be Windmill's first clients and patients, continue to be our "actors" for our commercials. Dale has turned into somewhat of a local celebrity with his humorous renditions of "And it smells good too"!

The commercial is photographed and edited by Walter and Amy Wiggins of Green Turtle Photography. Amy and Walter's dogs, George and Gracie, are the canine actors in this commercial. Thank you Amy and Walter for your patience!

Thank you Jill and Dale for your generous assistance with our third commercial! Dale and Jill are personal trainers, and own and operate Quantum Excellence Training here in Abilene. They are highly recommended; as Dr. Price's husband is already 45+ lbs lighter!

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