"Dixie" the Gold Bone Medal Winner!

Our second television commercial is produced in honor of our USA Olympic Team and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

One of our patients, "Dixie" is quite the frisbee dog. That gave us the idea to make-believe that Frisbee Catching is an olympic event, and that "Dixie" could win the "Gold Bone" medal! Of course, to tie Windmill Animal Hospital into the story, "Dixie" is injured while training. The staff at Windmill examines the injury, takes some x-rays, and performs surgery to get "Dixie" back into top condition. She wins the "Gold Bone" medal, cheered on by the Windmill Staff chanting "USA, USA" while holding "Old Glory".

The commercial is photographed and edited by Walter and Amy Wiggins of Green Turtle Photography

Thank you to Blake and Chelsea for letting us work with your wonderful and talented dog, "Dixie".

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