"Poop Patrol!"

Our sixth televison commerical was created after one of our vendors had seen one of our commercials in a public setting, and overheard two men ask each other how the Windmill staff kept our hospital smelling so good!

Our hidden cameras catch how the staff works when "Maverick" has an accident in the lobby, setting off the "poop" alarm. The "Poop Patrol" cleans and sanitizes the mistake in the blink of an eye, and afterwards, Dale makes an appearance and confirms that the hospital "Smells Good Too"!

Dale and Jill Robertson, who just happened to be Windmill's first clients and patients, continue to be our "actors" for our commercials. Dale has turned into somewhat of a local celebrity with his humorous renditions of "And it smells good too"! "Maverick" is our canine star. And thanks go to Tim Leaf and Martin Walker for asking "how we do it" at the beginning of the commercial.

The commercial is photographed and edited by Walter and Amy Wiggins of Green Turtle Photography. Thank you Amy and Walter for your patience!

Thank you Jill and Dale for your generous assistance with our sixth commercial! Dale and Jill are personal trainers, and own and operate Quantum Excellence Training here in Abilene. They are highly recommended!!

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