Our eighth televison commerical is produced rather tongue-in-cheek, towards some people whom had NEVER been in Windmill, but left several bad reviews on the internet, because they thought our commercials were "stupid". We always responded with a "Thank you for the review - however we find it interesting that the commercial was effective enough for you to remember our name and how to find us! Well, folks, this one's for YOU!

Both Dr. Price and Dr. Barnhart are featured in the commercial as "serious" newscasters. After the short newscast, we had to get our "It Smells Good Too" guy, Dale Robertson, in the act...he surprises us at the end! Dale has turned into somewhat of a local celebrity with his humorous renditions of "And it smells good too"!

The commercial is photographed and edited by Walter and Amy Wiggins of Green Turtle Photography.

Thank you Dale, for your generous assistance with our eighth commercial! Dale and his wife Jill are personal trainers, and own and operate Quantum Excellence Training here in Abilene. They are highly recommended!

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